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Over the nearly 20-year tenure of the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market, one question has stood the test of time: “Where can I get some coffee?” This question comes from shoppers and farmers alike; with farmers pulling out of their driveways at 3am to get to market, hundreds of thousands of cups of coffee have fueled our markets over the years.

As Washington D.C. has grown in its love of all things fresh and carefully sourced, so has the demand for quality coffee that holds up to the same standards. This is why we are excited to introduce two D.C. coffee roasters, Qualia Coffee and Zeke?s Coffee, to our farmer/producer line up at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM market.

Both of these roasteries have a unique approach to supporting sustainable agricultural practices and valuing the farmers that grow their green beans. Qualia Coffee roasts coffee daily and in small batches at their storefront in Petworth. Owner, Joel Finkelstein, and his team have worked to form single-source, direct-trade relationships in procuring their green coffee beans. They focus on working with farmers directly to ensure the highest quality beans, sustainable agricultural practices, and that farmers are being paid fairly for their product. Qualia?s farm-specific bags of beans allow you to go on a ?tasting tour? featuring multiple varieties from farms spanning the equator. Moreover, Qualia composts leftover coffee grounds with our very own CompostCab and serves coffee in biodegradable cups.

Zeke’s Coffee, owned by John Kepner and based out of the Woodridge neighborhood in North East Washington D.C., also does small batch roasting, specializing in organic, fair trade, and sustainable Arabica beans. Zeke?s roasts single-origin coffees and creates its own custom blends sourcing from a mix of direct-trade relationships, co-ops, and specialty coffee distributors. Like Qualia, Zeke?s is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. They prioritize purchasing shade-grown, Smithsonian Certified Bird Friendly and Rain Forest Alliance Certified beans. Leftover coffee grounds and chaff (a byproduct of the roasting process) are passed on to the compost pile at EcoCity Farms. Finally, they also serve their coffee with compostable cups and lids.

These two local roasteries will be alternating weeks at Dupont Circle, selling both hot brewed coffee and freshly roasted beans to keep you properly caffeinated throughout the week. Of course, a fresh cup of joe wouldn?t be complete without some locally sourced milk, cream, or honey so Qualia and Zeke?s are happily be providing dairy and honey sourced from local milk producers and apiaries. Last week was Zeke?s market debut and shoppers stopped by market information tent with their caffeinated smiles to tell us how exited they were to have local roasters at market. This week Qualia starts! Be sure to stop by and welcome these new businesses to market!

Written by Megan Day, Market Manager at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market





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